What Are Twitter Rankings and Why Do They Matter?

Different Twitter rankings are obtained from many sources, and you’re smart to start using them as you start your business’s approach to social media. Twitter is a major platform in many companies’ social media strategies, so knowing how well a Twitter account performs offers valuable clues about that strategy’s effectiveness.

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Understanding your company’s social media impact is critical to your marketing strategy.

What Are Twitter Rankings?

Currently there is no single “Twitter Rank” that’s similar to, such as, Google PageRank. Various Twitter ranking methods use slightly different algorithms, so you’re wise to try out multiple Twitter ranking sites. Then, look at the results data tells. Popular Twitter ranking tools and sites include:

You can also grab basic information right off your Twitter profile page. Important numbers you’ll find there include the number of followers you have, and the number of accounts you are following. The ratio of followers to the number of accounts you follow (the follower / following ratio) is used by many Twitter ranking algorithms, and the higher this ratio is, the better.

How Do You Get Tweet Rankings?

You can start at any of the sites listed above to learn your Twitter rankings. For most sites, the steps are easy and obvious. When using Google Analytics, however, you have to do some digging, but the results can be very valuable. If you want to know how well your Tweets drive traffic to your blog, you would take the following steps in Google Analytics:

  • Select your blog
  • Click “Traffic Sources” in the left-hand sidebar
  • Click on “Referring Sites”

Rather than clicking on Twitter in the table you’ve presented, use the “Find Source” box, and enter Twitter before clicking “Go.” That ensures you get results from Twitter mobile and Twitter search. The resulting chart shows you the number of visits over a particular time period that came via Twitter. You can also use the information in the chart to calculate number of visits per follower — the higher the better.

How Can Twitter Rankings Help Your Business?

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Ultimately, a strong social media strategy improves sales.

You can learn good, basic information the first time you use Twitter ranking tools. But you’ll gain more valuable information if you use these tools regularly so you can track whether your rankings increase or decrease. If your various Twitter rankings trend higher over time, you can expect better website traffic, increased leads, and increased conversions. However, if your Twitter rankings stagnate or drop, you may need to adjust your social media campaign to use Twitter more effectively. This may involve Tweeting more frequently, interacting more frequently with followers, or posting Tweets on different days or at different times of day.

Tips for Improving Twitter Rankings

You can improve the impact of your Twitter strategy several ways. The main way is to Tweet interesting and relevant information, with the occasional, slightly more personal Tweet added. This adds the human touch to your business (such as, “We have severe storms in our area this afternoon, so if you don’t get a reply right away, please bear with us.”). Other tips for improving Twitter rankings include:

  • Making sure you have “Follow” and “Retweet” buttons on all pages, and have “Retweet This” buttons alongside every blog post
  • Giving your Twitter page a makeover with a background that sets your page apart. There are many sources for free Twitter backgrounds, or you can make your own.
  • Submitting your Twitter profile to Twitter directories
  • Cross-posting Tweets on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

Don’t worry if the idea of a social media strategy seems a bit mysterious. After all, it is a fairly new concept. But it’s important for the success of your business that you embrace social media and learn to use the popular social media outlets to your advantage. The results of a well-planned and well-executed social media strategy include more website traffic, more conversions, and better sales. The cost of implementing a good social media strategy is very reasonable.

If you would like to learn more about maximizing social media’s positive impact on your business, be sure to bookmark and regularly check in with A Virtual Success’ blog. There you’ll find tips, helpful information, and the latest in social media optimization techniques.

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