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As a business owner and virtual assistant I belong to a few industry associations.

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About two weeks ago, one of the associations I belong to, set up a booth at a business expo. After noticing several visitors just moseying past our booth, another virtual assistant in our group decided to get a little more assertive. I’m so glad she did! We realized that in this day and age with computers, the internet and social media, business owners STILL are not aware what a virtual assistant is or how we can help them.

In the next couple of posts that we publish, we will tell you what a virtual assistant is and how a virtual assistant will save you money, time, and energy. We will also address the myths that go with the term “virtual assistant.”

A Virtual Assistant is a freelance professional who partners with your business providing skilled services in many areas, such as: Administration, analysis, accounting, marketing, technology, and creative services. Some are independent, while others are part of a team. A virtual assistant is not an employee, nor are we exclusive to one business.

You may wonder, how can a VA partner with my business? I think we can agree that your time is better spent winning clients, working within your ability, and growing a profitable business. When you think about it, when you transfer information and files back and forth with your staff, it is usually done on an intranet or internet basis. The internet has made it possible to exchange files and information anywhere, in real-time.

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We are entrepreneurs too!

We understand that time is money, so we understand that productivity is vital to the survival of any business. Profits and losses apply to us also, so it is vital that we help you succeed. We work with you to assess areas that may threaten or enhance your professional opportunities.

Confidentiality and Security

Virtual Assistants have a professional obligation to respect and protect our client’s proprietary information. Non-disclosure is vital to safeguarding our client’s intellectual property. Also, when working with the client’s information, it is important to secure the information where ever it is stored or accessed, such as on a computer, in the cloud, on a network, or a backup system.

Information Back Up and Retrieval

Speaking of backup systems, a virtual assistant is obligated to make sure that your information is backed up securely and systematically. Well managed files guarantee, quick access and recovery. No one wants to spend time, money, nor good energy, salvaging lost information. Of course, that is, IF salvaging the information is possible. Lost information could cripple any business.

We care about your business’ success.

Your success is our success. If we make you look good out there in your industry, and in front of your clients, then you will refer us.

We help you to strategize your business’ growth.

Virtual assistants understand more than just the mechanics of our expertise. We use critical-thinking skills, help you conceptualize your ideas, write business plans, marketing plans,  interpret you financial  statements, look at your business’ strength and weaknesses.

We offer solutions and enhancements

Many employees today are doing the job of two or sometimes three people. Perhaps you or your staff are working weekends and late hours to just to reach your project goals. Virtual assistants have experience in many industries and on various levels. Our backgrounds include small business to large corporations, both non-profit to for-profit. Virtual Assistants are available when the workload gets overwhelming. We can assist you a few hours a week, or during those times when do not have the particular skill set to produce ad-hoc projects. It is very clear that in this economy is stretching employees are beyond the limits. We’d like to help.


There are many more ways virtual assistants can help your business. As mentioned earlier, in the upcoming weeks, we will discuss how virtual assistants can save you time, money, and energy. If you have any thoughts or questions related to this article, I encourage you to leave a comment below. What you have to say is very important to us.

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