Tips to Get Blog Hits Part 3

The last two blogs addressed increasing blog hits. I just wanted to close this series by adding a few more suggestions. Please feel free to read past tips from Part 1 and Part 2, so you can get other ideas to optimize your blog hits.  

Add Your URL to your signature. Here is another way to drive traffic to your website. Every email you sign and every comment you post, feel free to leave your blog’s or website’s URL as part of your autograph. Mine is After all it makes it very convenient for your readers, should they want to learn more about you.

On personal emails your signature can be your name, business, contact phone number, and your website’s domain address, much like a business card would function as if you enclosed it in a letter. However, try to avoid adding other social media addresses. I’ll explain why. On your website’s sidebar you should have icons that link to your social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The idea is to try and get people to follow you through your website. Remember clicks are counted by major search engines, such as Google. On those outlets provide your domain address so followers who come across your domain on those outlets, can find your website more easily. For example on Facebook, in the “About” section, you can add your websites before the business description.

On the other hand, when posting comments on someone else’s website, just leave your first name and your website’s URL, keeping it more casual and relationship-oriented. If you have several URLs for different business options you offer, then chose the one that applies most to the post. Readers get annoyed when they have to scroll down through a page length of contact information, just to get to the next post.

Finally, add your URL to every piece of marketing material you have, your business cards, stationery, etc.

Pictures, Graphics, and Video, oh my! Another way to get blog hits is to add links and meta descriptions that will attract traffic to you website. Beware when using photos and illustrations. Make sure you have adequate permission or paid for the rights to use them. There are some free sites out there, such as Photopin, that provide free graphics. Photopin also generates script containing the credits to whom the picture belongs to. You should add the script to the picture’s caption.

Are you using analytical tools? Not only using then, are you comparing the results from the different tools that are out there?

Wouldn’t you like to know how people find you, how long they stay on your page, or what the buzz out there is about on your website? Google has an excellent and free analytic tool that helps you to determine your webpage visibility and how you were found. Google has a script creator that allows you to add the JavaScript right onto each HTML page or within the footer of the website template. Facebook and Twitter also have analytics that can be used to help you gear your content for optimal visibility.

Adwords by Google. I love this option. Remember we talked about click history in our last blog. Well Google has compiled all of these analytics and calculated how many searches were made for keywords and combinations of keywords. The object is to find the lowest competition with the highest searches made for those words. I guess here is where I confess I’m a hypocrite, because I hate that clicks are tracked, but I love how the data helps me optimize. Oops.


Consider hiring a Social Media Manager.  You may say, “I don’t have the time to post and monitor all of this!” Some social outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter are now allowing pre-scheduling or auto-scheduling of posts.

Second of all, that may be true, your time probably will be better spent building your business another way; but there are affordable means to carry out this goal. Social media experts are available and are willing to help you get your content out there. These people watch your posts, responses and comments when you do get blog hits. They filter through the information, and return data back to you about what is relevant to your posts. You have the option to write-up responses and post them yourself, or your manager can help you with that.

Finally, when you do consider hiring a social media manager, make sure they include analytics as part of their services. Ask them if a short consult is included in the package to discuss metric results.

The next time you go online to research your search engine standing, feel free to use other search engine options such as Ask, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc. To see how your domain ranks in those as well. Just make sure your computer is adequately protected against unwanted results. In other words, make sure your virus protection is up-to-date.

We would love to hear other suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have. Because, I know there are more great ideas out there, and you can’t wait to share them with me.

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