Tips to Get Blog Hits Part 2

Blog hits do not just happen. Steps need to be taken so that you are a step above the rest. The idea behind your blog is to educate your audience by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and expertise. Another purpose is to generate clicks to your website.

Part 1 of Tips to Get Blog Hits, had four ways to help with search engine optimization. They included: 1) Posting organically and naturally, 2) understanding that SEO is not spam, 3) targeting your audience, and 4) hanging where your audience hangs.

Here are four more added for you to implement:

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Reconnect with yourself. Don’t be afraid to self-promote other articles and information you have created. Link to other posts within your blogs. Also, invite other websites to link your pages to their sites, as well.

Blog and article directories: Sign up to submit your content. This will help with indexing and ranking. Some resources are RSSTop55ezinearticles and

Publish your articles: Contact the publications and magazines that you want to submit your information to. Research their website for the specification’s or contact them and request a specifications list. This should include: the type of content they are looking for, layout requirements, font type and size, size of graphics, length of content, etc.

E-newsletters are a great way to get your information out there. Create a simple contact form on your website’s sidebar. There are numerous programs out there such as MailChimp. Make sure the form captures, at the very least, the signer’s first name and email address, and has a box that approves the receipt of email from you. This information will be basis to build your database. When you write the newsletter, only provide the first paragraph of your blog in it. That first paragraph is what will grab your reader’s attention. Ask a question, make an incomplete statement, but leave the reader hanging and provide a link to “read more”. The reader will have to connect to your website to read the remainder of your newsletter. As a courtesy, always provide the option for the person who signs up to the e-newsletter to be removed.

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We all have friends, right? And we know everyone has an opinion. Invite them to leave comments. This not only gives your friends a presence on the Internet; their comments allow them to show off what they know. This works, both ways, don’t be afraid to add your knowledge to other blogs out there as well. Do not just respond, “Oh that was great!” Establish why it was great. Point out something specific from the article that you found helpful. Oh, and if you disagree with something, be gentle, kind, and constructive when suggesting a correction. Make sure you validate your logic.

Conclusion (for Part 2)

These tidbits between our last blog, this blog, and our next blog will give you opportunity to start implementing best practices for search engine optimization. These are practical, easy to follow steps that will navigate your website to the top of the search engine lists.

We encourage you to go to our website and download our free comprehensive check list on Best Practices to Increase your Blog Hits.

I’m excited to hear what other suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have. Because, I know there are more great ideas out there regarding search engine optimization, and you can’t wait to share them with me.

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