The Valley of Decision – How To Make the Best Decision For Your Business

3718834431_e60430e94bI watched the other day while my husband was driving. He was going the speed limit, which I thought was a little fast for the road. As he kept driving, I saw a squirrel in the middle of the lane. The poor little fella was frozen for a split second, then he started to swift run left, then right, then and we drove over… fortunately, not over him though. That was a close call!

Often that reminds me of the valley of decision most business owners experience. The entrepreneur just does not know where to turn. To be an entrepreneur, decision-making skills are a necessity. Instead they go back and forth like a scurrying squirrel in the middle of the road of oncoming traffic trying to save his life. Why? Lack of vision, direction, understanding? What?

I believe decision-making is so difficult, because the business plan is either outdated, not completed, or not followed by the business owner. So instead of having a definite and decisive direction, the business owner is all over the place. Then as soon as that same owner gets five minutes to breath, they are completely exhausted.

If your business plan is not complete, why? Are you stuck. Perhaps you chose a template that is too difficult to follow. Are you trying to work down to the detail, instead of on an overview? Keep the plan simple. If you try to fill in every detail, it will remain incomplete. The human brain processes in three’s.

What if your business plan is outdated? Any plan that is over 3 years old, should be looked at again, and revised. Many variables change from technology, to pricing, to costs, etc. And three years can make a big difference. This review will bring a fresh outlook to your business. And remind you why you are doing what you are doing. It will also tell you where you have strayed from your original intent.

Do you struggle making a decision? Why don’t you follow your business plan? Is it reasonable or doable? Maybe it is too diversified. Too much going on all at once, instead of focusing on one service or product. When you are single-minded in your plan, you are able to do that one thing very well, and eventually right source it to the right person. When you do this, you will start to bring in a good, solid income base. Then you can move onto the next income goal or a second service or product.

What? You don’t have a business plan? Say it isn’t so!  If that is the case, then call me, Bernadette Raftery, MBA. I would be happy to set up an appointment with you. We can take 15-20 minute to talk, and see if we are a good fit to work with each other.

photo credit: _MG_0276 via photopin (license)

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