Is Social Media Enough?

Someone asked the other day, if social media is enough to market your business? After all, the benefits range from low cost options to a more relational connection with your prospects. But they wondered if the benefits were sustainable and substantial enough to use social media as a sole solution. We wouldn’t say it is a sole solution, but it is an excellent option.

Just like your financial portfolio should be diversified, so should your marketing strategy. Social media can have excellent results, but you have to also consider SEO, article submission, blogging, email marketing, press releases, along with your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, just to name a few.

Social media is good for when your resources are limited. It provides brand awareness. Therefore, it should be complimented by other marketing methods as well. Such as a well-made business card ready to hand out, with a QR code for easy scanning so that handheld users can enter them into their contact management system.

In Person Network: Nothing can replace face to face networking, as this type of connection is the most personal. This allows you to see the person’s body language, facial expressions, as well as hear the tonality in their voice. When you meet people, be sincere when you talk to them. Don’t reach out to people solely for the purpose of selling your service or product. John Maxwell said, “People don’t care about what you know, until they know that you care.” People will catch on to that fast. The age of *sleazy sales* is over, and you shouldn’t want to be a part of that anyway. People need to know they can trust you. They want to feel good about your professional interaction.

Telephone: Another good means for communication is that great earpiece we wear. You know, the cell phone, telephone, or Bluetooth, regardless what you call it, is good for follow up. You are able to hear the voice of your prospect and get a good indication of their interest. One way you will know right off the bat is if your calls are not answered, nor are they being returned. If you are being filtered out by voice mail after three to four attempts, it is probably safe to assume the individual on the other end isn’t interested. What’s our advice? Move on!

Email: Email allows you to list your thoughts and questions systematically. Unfortunately, you lose the tonality behind the conversation.  Although email is probably more impersonal than the telephone, it does provide you with a written back up of the communication. We suggest you use it as a follow up to recap telephone conversations.

Blogs & Articles: This is where you can share your expertise, adding value to your target audiences needs. It is also where you can gather good information for yourself. Make sure that the information you gather can be verified, don’t just take someone’s word for it. The internet has a lot of good out there, but it can also be a forum for propaganda.

Websites: Remember this is your online brochure. It should have crisp, clear, graphics and easy to easy to read fonts. Your domain name should be simple to remember and rattle off. The domain name is the address for the housing of your business information. Put your domain name on your business cards, car magnet, car license plate holder, pens, signage, and whatever other handout marketing tools you may have.

SEO:  Search Engine Optimization is about people finding you on the internet. Keywords are searched by engines such as Google, Ask, Yahoo, etc. These keywords should be well thought out and plotted throughout your website pages and blogs. These should target your ideal customer, and produce the mostly likely search results.

Remember that with any of these methods, you want to always recognize what your goal is? Is it to make money? Build relationships? Sell product? Act as a resource? The more you put into your marketing efforts, the more results your will see. The key is balancing the costs versus the return on the investment. That is why social media is such a great way to approach marketing.

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