How to Efficiently Use A Facebook Page to Market Your Brand

Facebook has over one billion users on its network, which means that it’s very likely that your customers are active (and talking) about the products or services you have to offer from your Facebook Page – that is, if you can reach them.

A Facebook Page is free to set up and can quickly become one of your best marketing tools for your business. It gives you direct access to build a following, release timely information, and connect with your core community.

This article will share how to begin effectively using a Facebook Page to improve your marketing strategy and increase your chances of making a sale.

Using a Facebook Page to Grow Your Brand

DSC_0525 - CopyA Facebook Page will take a little time to wrap your head around when you’re setting up, since the features provided to administrators are very different than that of a user or what you may be used to on your personal profile/timeline.

Businesses have a lot to choose from when promoting their products/services on the network; here are just a few of the great options available to grow your brand:

  • Status Updates & Engagement – Share and update with timely messages about what’s happening in your business, new product releases, highlighting your most vocal followers, publishing testimonials, uploading videos, and posting pictures. Facebook uses an algorithm called “Edgerank” that doesn’t show everything to your followers so it’s important to keep them engaged with relevant content (and keep you gaining plenty of likes and shares).
  • Promoted Posts – The workaround to Facebook’s Edgerank system is to promote your posts, which will be shown to everyone that has liked your Page (and options for showing to friends of those that like your Page). Promoted posts can cost little and can do wonderful things for your business especially during a product release or if you share a coupon code.
  • Giveaways & Events – An offer on Facebook can be set so its “In Store”, “In Store & Online”, or “Online Only” which lets followers claim an offer for your business. Alternatively, you can use built-in elements such as “Events” which could be used on a local level such as a meet-up or big sale going on at your business; these will be shared on your Page for people to join.
  • Promoted Pages – Those Pages, with enough followers, can begin to promote their Page in order to garner more likes. A business may set a budget as low as $5 a day and scale it to whatever the budget allows. Promoted Pages are a great way to share your message and bring awareness to the products or services you have to offer.
  • Milestones – This feature is set so you can share those big moments in the history of your business. Highlight your launch, new service releases, new product releases, new hires, or whatever you need that requires your follower’s full attention. The milestones give you access to posting larger pictures and will be very visible on the Page timeline.
  • Polls/Questions – Asking questions and taking a poll is a very respectable choice in creating engagement; it can be as simple as asking a silly question to gain a few responses or used to effectively use feedback for your business.

Making Facebook Worth Your While

evolution 123Facebook is in a constant state of evolution; it does regular updates and changes to its layout, advertising platform, and controls for its users, but despite the uproar that comes from many of these changes your business can effectively use the network as a tool for increasing sales.

In all, Facebook has more than enough features to build a strong presence on the network, create engagement within your community, and increase opportunities for completing a sale. The base usage of a Facebook Page will not cost a dime (besides the time you invest in the network and A Virtual Success is available to help you with that) yet the paid features will be more than worth their while once you are settled and using the network regularly.

Consider using one of the strategies and resources detailed in this article to grow while using a Page on Facebook. It will be the best marketing investment you’ll make that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, nor your first born child.

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