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EdgeRank: Facebook’s Engagement Metrics

When using Facebook (or any other social media platform) to market your business, the foundation of your strategy is engagement. Without sufficient engagement, nothing else will happen. Whether you are generating leads, driving sales to a store or just building your brand, it all starts with engagement. “Engagement” is the term Facebook uses for the […]

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Facebook: Full Screen Feature

Full Screen Viewing: Did you know that facebook (uggh, I really struggle not capitalizing the name) now allows full screen viewing? (Or, as facebook puts it fullscreen, as one word.) Regardless if I agree with the grammar, I was thrilled when I saw the feature. Too often I had wished, “If only I could see […]

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Financial Services Social Media Guidelines

Did you know that Financial Services could benefit from these same principles? 1)      People who follow brands on Facebook are 60% more likely to recommend them to friends? (IModerate Research Technologies, April 2010) 2)      While 77% of American consumers say they are more likely to buy a product or service recommended by someone they know… […]

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More Out Of Less

How do you get More out of less? You may wonder how on earth you can possibly operate any leaner than you already are. You have just about implemented every possible cut to your budget and spending that is imaginable. You are positive that you have eliminated every nonessential expenditure from your business. It is […]

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Time Management at Work

How is it that by the end of the day, we know we were very busy, but we just don’t know what got done? What’s worse is, we didn’t reach our most critical goal for the day. What happened? The answer is simple – time organization (or should we say, lack of time organization). I want […]

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Attitude Adjustments for Operating a Business

What are the pain points when operating a business? We all have something that we hate to do, right? Maintaining our schedules, writing a blog, billing, bookkeeping; regardless what it is, we all have dreaded tasks. It is human nature to procrastinate. Unfortunately, our clients do pick up on this attitude. Even worse, our business […]

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