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The 5 Most Important Metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free and relatively user-friendly, but it’s not always easy for beginners to know what to do with all the numbers Google Analytics produces. Know the basic Google Analytics metrics to avoid being overwhelmed by trying to interpret Google Analytics numbers. With practice, you can learn to interpret Google Analytics numbers and make site […]

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What Are Twitter Rankings and Why Do They Matter?

Different Twitter rankings are obtained from many sources, and you’re smart to start using them as you start your business’s approach to social media. Twitter is a major platform in many companies’ social media strategies, so knowing how well a Twitter account performs offers valuable clues about that strategy’s effectiveness. Understanding your company’s social media […]

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Is Social Media Enough?

Someone asked the other day, if social media is enough to market your business? After all, the benefits range from low cost options to a more relational connection with your prospects. But they wondered if the benefits were sustainable and substantial enough to use social media as a sole solution. We wouldn’t say it is […]

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Attitude Adjustments for Operating a Business

What are the pain points when operating a business? We all have something that we hate to do, right? Maintaining our schedules, writing a blog, billing, bookkeeping; regardless what it is, we all have dreaded tasks. It is human nature to procrastinate. Unfortunately, our clients do pick up on this attitude. Even worse, our business […]

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What Does Have To Say?

The Small Business Administration, recommends that “If you are starting a business, you should also consider seeking out specialist’s advice and help for three key business functions: Tax and Accounting Marketing Business Administration” The blog goes on to state, “Why? Simply because these are often overlooked at the outset and each have a strategic […]

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