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12 Reasons Why Businesses Stopped Using Overseas Services: Virtual Assistants Part 2

I have two questions, “Is it practical to use overseas services for your business?” And, “Are they the ideal choice for a North American company?” A prospect also challenged me asking, “Why not use a Virtual Assistant from another country? They are so much cheaper.” In my last blog, I shared with you my personal […]

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My Personal Experience With Overseas Services: Virtual Assistants

With today’s election almost over, all of us have heard a lot about companies using offshore business providers or overseas services. Virtual Assistants are no different. There are virtual assistants located all over the world. But is it practical to use them for your business? Are they the ideal choice for a North American company? One […]

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Is Social Media Enough?

Someone asked the other day, if social media is enough to market your business? After all, the benefits range from low cost options to a more relational connection with your prospects. But they wondered if the benefits were sustainable and substantial enough to use social media as a sole solution. We wouldn’t say it is […]

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Attitude Adjustments for Operating a Business

What are the pain points when operating a business? We all have something that we hate to do, right? Maintaining our schedules, writing a blog, billing, bookkeeping; regardless what it is, we all have dreaded tasks. It is human nature to procrastinate. Unfortunately, our clients do pick up on this attitude. Even worse, our business […]

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