Attitude Adjustments for Operating a Business

What are the pain points when operating a business? We all have something that we hate to do, right? Maintaining our schedules, writing a blog, billing, bookkeeping; regardless what it is, we all have dreaded tasks. It is human nature to procrastinate. Unfortunately, our clients do pick up on this attitude. Even worse, our business habits are portrayed as inconsistent and perceived as if we don’t care.

The reality is we do care. Our clients are our bread and butter. It should be important to us that we give them the best we have to offer, because that’s what keeps them coming back or referring us.

The problem is we just don’t have the time, skill or energy for everything it takes to operate our businesses. Here are five Attitude Adjustments we should consider regarding our business operations.

1)      I’m too busy to take on any more clients

Reflect for a minute, “Last year did I make the money I wanted to make in my business?” Then think about a dream you have and write it down. Assess can you reach your dream based on how last year’s profit and loss results?

Now consider this, “Did you spend your time doing things that did not grow nor profit your business?”

The truth is you are too busy, but you are too busy doing things that do not help you reach your income strategy goals. That is known as “wasting your valuable time.”


2)      I don’t have the time to learn another software program or application

It is true; you may not have the time, but invest in someone who does. Remember when computers first came on the scene. How, painstakingly we had to memorize all the commands and shortcut keys just so we could move forward in our positions. Remember thinking, it was easier just to type a spreadsheet rather than set up a template, a macros, or learn formulas on Excel or in Access? Yet, once it was initially set up, we were astounded at how efficient and expedient the whole process turned out to be.

Today, there are so many software packages, hand held device apps, and website plug-ins that can do anything from help you set up appointments, to e-commerce sales, to time-tracking and billing, and so on. Pretty much if you name it, there’s an app for it.

If you don’t have the time to work through these options, then invest in someone who has the skills to help your business operate cost-effectively.


3)       It’s easier if I do it myself.

What we are really saying is, “I don’t trust anyone or any program to do the job as good I can.” That is one business control that needs to be reassessed. Delegation is one of the single most valuable experiences we can implement into our businesses.

Your job title, as business owner, should be CEO. As CEO, your time should be spent visualizing and strategizing the services and products your business offers. A CEO develops a team and manages that team to accomplish the goals you strategized. Even if you are the primary service provider, your time is best spent selling your product and managing the operations. This facilitates your company to operate at optimal capacity. Therefore, trusting other people, their skills, and their talent, is critical to your business growth and success.

On an altruistic note, you are also helping to put someone to work either as an employee or a subcontractor. This contributes to the big picture of our economy. Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, and Walt Disney did not make it to the top alone.


4)       I can’t justify paying another person right now.

The truth is you cannot afford to do it yourself. Every task you do on your own, you are losing money, because time is also money. It really amounts up to where is your time spent most valuable?

Remember, you are the CEO of your business.

Ask yourself, “Am I turning away business? Working excessively? Not spending time with my family? Does my family not want to spend time with me because I’m always stressed? Am I not adding to my service’s menu?” If you answered yes to any of these, then consider adding another person to your team.

It is true that there are expenses affiliated with adding to your team. But on the flip side, realistically compare what you can make on average from a client versus what you would pay someone to assist you. Then calculate on average the maximum number of clients for each assistant you have on board. Also evaluate the number of service menu items you can add to your clients that may generate more income. Finally, consider how much of your time was freed up to generate more clients and service menu offerings.


5)       I don’t need a Website, I only operate locally.

Think of your website as a powerful online brochure where you can scheduling appointments, display ecommerce products, show tutorials that demonstrate services, exhibit past jobs, and so on. It is a paperless way to inform people about the value added behind the products and services your business offers. Your website is where people can find out about your business before they call you. Not only does it help them determine if your services are a good fit for them, it saves you valuable time as well.

It is important that you have a robust graphics. Have short and powerful paragraphs that tell the message about what you have to offer your prospects. This may be the only opportunity people will take to find you. Make the best first impression you possibly can through your website. Lastly, have a proofreader go through the copy of each page, professional content is validated by good grammar and spelling practices.

Ultimately, you will want to make sure your keywords are optimized so that search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, or others, can find your business and list it as close to the top of the first page.

We strongly recommend you outsource this to an experienced web designer with SEO experience.


6)       Social media is for the Millennials and Gen X crowd.  

Social Media is for everyone and for every business. While Millennia’s (Gen Y) and Gen X are consumed by social media, Baby Boomers browse, read websites and blogs, as well as communicate by email.

Besides social media being a great means of getting your marketing message out there, you can utilize the method for very little cost. Free network groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube are just a few ways to develop a following of people who may be interested in your business or may refer you to someone they know.

Of course, this requires maintenance. You want keep a consistent presence out there sending out e-newsletters and posting blogs to keep people interested in following you. Some people will post or tweet a joke of the day, cartoons, or antidotes. Those are fine and entertaining, but we suggest you also take the opportunity to post clever value-added messages about services you offer, or promotions that may be coming up, networking events that you may be at, etc. More than anything, convey the message as to what you can do for them, saving them time, money, or how you can make them money.


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